The Face of a True Humiliation Slave

Ive posted this particular humiliation slave of mine in the past — He is one of my favorite little humiliation sluts. (2 years later and he is STILL being humiliated and slave trained by me)

~Ryan the Humiliation SlaveHe is one that is always up for a new humiliation assignment…no matter WHAT the task. Ryan happens to be gearing up to move into a new place and I know that I can’t wait for that move to be complete.

I have a laundry list of things for him to do the minute he does. From cum bucket collections, to his first video appearance and more. I often say to be careful what you wish for — and he still keeps wishing and begging — and I get to turn the heat up more and more.

Nothing makes a humiliatrix happier than being able to turn the cheeks of a humiliation slave bright red with embarrassment!

He had this to say:

Ran the Humiliation Slave “We inferior slaves have many perversions, but to me the ultimate in humiliation and submission is to be exhibited publicly to the whole world  ,my submission ,my total commitment  to Mistress Lillith. It’s exciting, edgy, shameful and scary but also a huge sexy thrill all together at the same time. It does put your submission to the test – how far will you demean yourself for your Mistress.”

He as well as others can certainly attest to the humiliation tasks and assignments that I hand out during our humiliation phone sex calls or email training.

One thing to be aware of … you will not get a new one until the first one is complete. I like proof, I LIKE humiliation addicts that LIKE attention. Know that I will never post a picture without prior agreements in some form or fashion.

For those seeking exposure on my blog, know that it’s not just GIVEN to anyone. You either (1) Pay for it or (2) Entertain me to the point that I WANT to expose you. Ryan is one that has earned the right to be exposed.

I have many things in store for Ryan…I hope he is still ready ~ 😉

Building and Crushing my Slaves

Verbal degradation and extreme humiliation are among some of my favorite avenues to destroy you and tear you down. You are nothing more than a lowly pathetic piece of shit slave and you need to know your place…you should be bent over licking and worshiping the dirt because even IT is higher than you.

Ensuring that you feel just as small as that puny little pecker is a delicacy I crave.

Crushing you can come in the form of CBT or in the form of mental destruction and mind fuckery — I will crush you, I will crush you like the bug you are.

I know I act like an entitled mean little bitch – and Im ok with that. You will still treat me with the upmost respect. Because crushing my slaves and submissives is the only way to train them properly…it’s the only way to train YOU properly.

Once I have you down in the dirt, flopping around– feeling worthless and insecure…I will begin to mold you and build you back up into the poster slave boy.

This is for your good, and for my benefit. Just accept it as your responsibility to serving your mistress.

You live to serve, you live to obey, you live to belong to Mistress Lillith.

Humiliated Sissy Slut

A humiliated sissy slut is almost always the top of my favorite humiliation addicts.

(the sissy sluts, pain sluts, and sph boys) — They are always so eager to come out and be posted everywhere. They want their story told and I am more than eager to tell it!

Here is the newest addition to my humiliated sissy slut collection and her story:

It’s pathetic, I know. But I am helpless to stop playing with my little clitty.  Everyday, I try to stop…to not touch myself. But I cannot stop. I think of forced sissification fantasies and I end up sexually aroused. Then it’s no use and I cum. It doesn’t matter if I am at work, home or out in public. I WILL eventually find a secret place and make myself cum from it.

I am devoured by my own secret desires to be slowly and irrevocably sissified.

And it makes me play with myself every single day. I suppose the most humiliating thing I’ve ever experienced was in college. A girl, Georgette  Markel, discovered my hidden secrets – that I like girls panties and being tied up, glued, taped, etc.

She had me all sexually aroused and persuaded me to put on her panties, pantyhose, etc.  No clothes…just lingerie.

I was physically shaking I was so scared but horny. She sprayed a can of foam in a cheap pair of high heel boots and coaxed me to slip my feet in…teasing me of great sex to come. I felt dizzy with fear and sex. She tied a scarf over my eyes and bound my wrists behind me. I followed her down the hall and outside. She kept threatening to scream if I tried to stop her!

She led me far away from her dorm and freed my hands.  Then she took off running into the night .  Eventually, I took off my blind fold when I suspected she was gone.  I was in the middle of the commons and no one was around. She left my pants with me but I couldn’t get the boots off – I was stuck in hardened foam. And my pants wouldn’t go on over the boots.

I was in her panties, pantyhose, high heeled boots, a bra and my face was made up like a whore.  I had to walk all the way across campus to my dorm room and past all the rooms to my own. 

She had taken my dorm key from my pants and I had to walk all the way back to her room and beg outside her window to let me in! Even writing about this has me too far over the edge and I will have to cum from it! If I could stop, I would. But I can’t.

Deep down in side, I don’t want to stop playing with my clitty and fantasizing of being a controlled and humiliated sissy!


Who else is ready to be outted, exposed and humiliated?! You crave humiliation and I crave to humiliate you.

I want you to beg

Beg like the little submissive play thing that you are. I want you to beg for my attention, I want you to be for my adoration. I want you to fall to your hands and knees and beg as though your life depended on it.

I just want you to beg.

But, if you know anything about your deviant dominatrix…you KNOW it’s not that simple. I am not going to accept just ANY kind of begging. Don’t come to me with your blanketed statements and bland, tired ‘begs’ of ‘I’ll do anything you want mistress, please let me serve you mistress’ There is NOTHING creative about that.

You want to serve me? You need to get creative.

In fact, I want you to step outside of your comfort zone and beg for something you may not like, beg for something that you WOULDN’T like, beg for something you KNOW you don’t like.

You don’t get to just say one quick sentence either. I want it creative, and I want it to stand out and put a smile on my face. What exactly puts a smile on my face? Figure it out. You want to serve me then it is up to you to ensure you know my kinks and quirks, just as much as I know yours.  You need to know what will make me happy without me giving you a laundry list of topics.

I will throw your little submissive puppy self a bone – I like creativity. This is just a simple slave training assignment to test you and test your skills. All I want you to do…is beg. 4 or more sentences or statements. Make it creative. Follow the guidelines as described above.

Perhaps the hard part will be…the fact that I want you to have me feeling like you mean it. I want to know you are begging for something you don’t want, but I want to feel as though you really want it.

Example? You don’t want to eat your cum. You find it repulsive and makes you gag, immediately making that little pin dick grow limp. But you will beg for it. You will ask me to let you eat your cum.

Now the real question will be…will I make you actually do the thing you are begging for? I guess that would be another test of your ultimate submission wouldn’t it?  Let’s see if you can entertain me begging, and THEN we will see if your submissive test will continue.

Call and Beg, or leave a message below…begging.

Stroke for Me, Right NOW

You are going to stroke for me right now.  

This is just a teaser of what I would tell you to do when you call me live on my .

You know you are aching, that deep ache that needs to be released.  Perhaps you have been fantasizing about me and how you would like me to tell you to stroke?  Take yourself in hand and I’m going to tell you exactly what to do.  In case you don’t know, this is called Guided Masturbation, and for many men, it intensifies their orgasm tenfold! Let’s begin…

 I want you to grasp the base of your shaft, and slowly, very slowly slide your hand up and over the head.  Do this for several minutes.

Then, take your index finger, and slowly and gently trace down to the sweet spot under the head, and massage it on the upstroke and down stroke.  Keep touching it ever so lightly, creating a tingly sensation. That’s right, that’s how you do it. Now I want you to take your free hand and cup them over that ball sack. Massage them slowly as you continue to stroke yourself, building pleasure with every stroke.  Do this for several more minutes.  Take delight in your pleasure. Now, put a little spit in the palm of your hand and continue to stroke yourself slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace. I want you to keep doing this until… You have to call me, ease down from that edge, and we’ll begin again as I instruct you in an erotic Guided Masturbation Phone Sex session.

Time for your Spanking Slave Boy

time for your spanking! Do you want to be spanked?  Do you want to be treated like a bad boy and be punished? Do you get pleasure out of the pain brought by a ladies hairbrush repeatedly smacking your bare behind?

You have come to the right place for such a naughty phone sex call or fantasy corporal punishment role play chat. I will turn you over my knee and spank that little tush until it is beet-red.  I might even tell you I’m not going to stop spanking you until you cry real tears.  I might make you confess how naughty you are before I decide exactly how I will discipline you.  So naughty, in fact, that instead of using my hand, I will use a paddle instead.  And I have the best designed paddle to do so. My big wooden paddle has 9  holes drilled in it, making it less resistant to air when I raise the paddle high to bring it down hard on each cheek, causing more pain for you and pleasure for me as I paddle you.  Or perhaps I could use my purple hairbrush to create stinging welts on your bare bottom. No matter what you have the fancy for, I will indulge your spanking role play or paddling fantasy phone sex scenario.

I will show you the true power of a Femdom Mistress who holds nothing back when it comes to spanking and paddling punishments!   Have your paddle or hairbrush ready when you call me if you want to experience real pain.

Strapon Training with Mistress Lillith

strapon training with mistress lillithThere is always an ounce of giddiness that comes to me when a subby slut has admitted that he wants some anal training strap on play—AND that he is an anal virgin. I LOVE being the one to punch that cherry card for my soon to be anal sluts in training.

It doesn’t take much for me to realize you want my 8.5 inch strap on cock inside your sissy sphincter.

Sometimes you anal boys want it; other times…I have to coerce it onto you. In other words bend you over my bed and shove it in.

Is there a limit to what I’ll shove up your bum? Not likely.

I have a subby slut who’s hungry little ass will start gobbling up a traffic cone (obviously can’t go ALL the way down, but there is a good portion that goes in) .The question should NEVER be where MY limits are…but where YOUR limits lie.

For my less experienced strap on cock lovers—I first and foremost concentrate on anal stretching. Making sure it is good and ready for whatever I want to shove in there…My red dildo, a realistic big black cock, an ACTUAL big black cock, a cucumber, or some enormous dildo from Bad Dragon.

The ass is always fun to play with, and its much different than pussy stretching.

The sphincter is such a tight, resilient muscle that a few days break from stretching it…and it would easily go back to its original size. Good news for my strapon addicts!

Are you an anal virgin? Or a cock whore?

Either way…get your strap on and anal training with Mistress Lillith.

Bend over baby, I’ve got something for ya.

CFNM Viewing Party

CFNM Viewing PartyCFNM Viewing Party—

Are you a CFNM fetish lover? I know I am!!

I recently had a RT session with a grouping of mistresses, a couple of switch girls and in the middle was my little humiliation addict.

The party started with him wearing nothing but a collar and cock cage. He showed the ladies of the evening their seats…offered hors d’oeuvres and beverages. He is a well trained house pet. When instructed he was required to put on the silk robe so that the ‘show’ could REALLY begin.

I know that CFNM stands for clothed female naked male…so you’d be wondering why the hell he has a robe on. It was only one for a few moments and it was to signal the beginning of his humiliating entertainment piece.

The collar isn’t really seen as CLOTHING per say, its more or less a show of ownership. This was my pet and he has been collared…he is required to wear that collar whenever in my presence or the presence of another mistress. (and whenever possible)

The cock cage, was to keep that dick of his under control…let’s face it…Seeing all these women in one place is enough to arouse the strongest of minds. He hadn’t been this excited in a while…after all, it was a party arranged in his honor.

So…I snapped my fingers and he briskly put on the black robe.

The lights were dimmed while I a ‘spot light’ was shown in the center of the room.

He stood there…Head down, and I took my whip and made a crack in his direction, his robe falling to the floor.

He undid his cock cage on my command…and to NO ONE’S surprise; it sprung right on up, as miniscule as it was…you could still see his raging erection.

Each girl took her turn going up and THROUROUGLY inspecting him head to toe, giving him a variety of actions from jumping jacks, to bending over and spreading his cheeks…to rocking that cock back and forth.

We laughed and had a good time. I even had him practice some choreographed routines for the girls which they adored!

We will be planning another one very, very soon.

It got me thinking though, how many CFNM Lovers do I have out there. Would you like your own viewing party? I can gather up some mistresses and other girls to watch you on cam while you perform your tasks.

What do you need?

~My SKYPE/Yahoo Id’s 

~Your Own Cam so that we can see you on the other end 😉

Let me get you ready for the event, or let’s have an impromptu CFNM viewing party!

Mistress Body Worship ~ What is your favorite part?

What’s your favorite body part?

EVERYONE has a favorite…well most subby boys have favorites. Some boys are ass men, some are leg men, some drool over sexy feet, others will trip over themselves when they see a nice set of boobs.

DO you have a favorite?

Maybe just being in the presence of a Goddess like me sends chills running down your spine, and tingles through your body…I love that.

You are welcome to worship the body of your mistress. From the tips of my perfectly pedicured toes, to the back of my sculpted thighs, all the way up to my luscious ass, spending some time worshiping my sweet essence between my legs and running your hands up to worship my c-cup breasts.

Worship me from head to toe, worship the body of your mistress.

Perhaps the favor will be returned, but just worship me for MY pleasure. After all if you enjoy body worship you KNOW your pleasure is derived from my pleasure right?

I would enjoy turning you into my personal seat…and allow you to worship my pussy from me sitting on your face.

Burying your face between my legs where you can smell, taste, and touch the pure essence of a true Goddess.

BUT, if you could have just one part to worship for 24 hours, what would it be and HOW would you worship me? (leave a detailed response, perhaps you’ll moisten the panties of your mistress)

Sock Sniffing, Foot Licker

sock snifferThat’s what you are isn’t it my little foot fetish fiend.

Everyone out there has a part of the body that just makes them melt, and brings them on the brink of creaming themselves.

For you, it is that just got home dirty, smelly foot.

Considering just how hot it is outside, you favorite time of day is when I come back from a nice long work out. I’m hot, I’m sweaty, my socks are damp from the latest work out.

As my official foot slave, I would like you to kneel before me and slowly take off my dusty tennis shoes.

I want to see you shove your nose right into it and take a nice big wiff.

Now slide off my soaked in sweat socks. Place them on your face and lay on your back. I’ll be using my feet to press up against your face and rub those socks into your face. I may take one and ball it up and place it in your mouth as a nice sweaty sock gag.

You would like that wouldn’t you sock sniffer.

Now I’ll be rubbing my sweaty feet all over your face. I want you to smell them, to feel them. If you are permitted to take the sock gag out, you can lick and suck them.

What else could mistress have you do with her sweaty feet…its making you hot just thinking about being squished underneath them isn’t it.